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wrestling icons and graphics

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About the community ‡
Welcome to blondewashed a wrestling icon/graphics journal for sweetrapture82

This community is closed membership, but you are more than welcomed to friend this community for updates.

The icon journal name is just a combination of the words blond(e) and brainwashed. It came about because of our obsession/infatuation with professional wrestlers Christian and Edge from the WWE. Both pictured above and on the layout for the journal.

General information, rules, and what have you are listed below.

Community rules ‡
{1} Credit is very much appreciated, but it is not mandatory. I won't chase you down for it, I won't bitch at you about it. But, if you are so inclined to credit me either my personal journal or the community is fine.
If you're going to credit, credit either the personal journal
or username @ community journal (ex: sweetrapture82 @ blondewashed

{2} Unless otherwise noted, blank/textless icons are not bases. Please do not use them as such. I realize that the majority of my icons do turn out blank, but I like them that way. And, I will always make note of where I get my pictures for my icons and if you have a question about a particular one? Just ask.

{3} Please do not hotlink.

{4} Comments are the food of love for any icon maker and really, I'm no exception. It feeds me meager ego and lets me know that I'm not the only one using my icons, lol.
Affiliates and Credits ‡
little_squares & 5staricons & onyourown_icons & fierce_icons & remixgraphics & fozzpelicons & pieces_of_randy & wwegirls & fearher & secret_recipe & adherent_addict & jaded_kiss_gfx & goddessrockgeek & chicagraphics & braided_scarlet & broadaylight & glamourhalo peace_skittles

Want to affiliate?
Drop me a line on this post here

Credits: My resource post is still at my personal journal, and is located here
Layout stylesheet: ginandscotch
Teaser table layout code (when used): sir
Icon tables: 77words & here & here
Tools of the trade: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Image Ready CS2, PSP-X, Animation Shop 3.11, some patience, many tutorials and a dabble of creativity
Misc. Community Info ‡
Layout History:

Version 1- Randy Orton (WWE)
Version 2- Christian (Brood/WWF)
Version 3- Christian and Edge (Dynasty/WWF)
Current: Edge & Christian (Brood/WWF)

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